Mr. Srini Pulavarti

Mr. Srini Pulavarti, a veteran endowment and investment management executive, serves as President and Chief Investment Officer of the UCLA Investment Company, which manages approximately $2 billion in assets for The UCLA Foundation. Mr. Pulavarti joined the UCLA Investment Company in August 2012. He is responsible for defining the strategic vision for the management of the company’s portfolios while directing the company’s staff and overseeing more than 100 external investment managers. Previously, Mr. Pulavarti served as President and Chief Investment Officer of Spider Management Company, which as of July 2012 managed $1.9 billion for the University of Richmond in Virginia and $1.1 billion for 23 other entities, for a total pool of approximately $3 billion. Under Mr. Pulavarti’s leadership, the Spider endowment was consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best-performing among universities. Among his previous positions, Mr. Pulavarti served as Director of Global Investment Strategy for Citigroup Pension Investments; Director of Investments for Johns Hopkins University; Investment Manager for Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company, and Senior Analyst of fixed income and sovereign debt for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.