Mr. Terry Adams

Mr. Terry Adams is a Director and Executive Vice President  of SA Recycling. Originally started by Terry’s father in 1973 as a small junk  yard with a handful of  employees, the company today operates over 55  facilities in California, Arizona and Nevada. The list of facilities includes  two deep water ports and six automobile shredding plants. The company has  1,300  employees. Mr. Adams has served many roles at SA Recycling including in  his current capacity in acquisitions and strategic planning.

Over the past  thirty years Mr. Adams has developed an extensive background and expertise in  the recycling, processing, shredding, and management of all types of metals and waste streams, including hazardous, reactive and radioactive materials.  In 1993, Mr. Adams helped  form one of the first lithium recycling companies  in the world and was the chief design engineer of a lithium battery recycling  plant located in Trail, British Columbia for Retriev Technologies, one of the largest multi-chemistry battery recyclers in the U.S. and Canada. Retriev  Technologies is currently finishing construction of a new Department of  Energy (DOE) sponsored facility at one of its plants in Ohio. When completed in  2014, this plant is expected to be the first dedicated electric vehicle  battery recycling operation in the U.S. Mr. Adams served as the president of  Retriev Technologies from 1999 to 2011, and is currently the Chairman of its  Board. Mr. Adams also serves on the boards of Foundation Board Children’s  Hospital Orange County (CHOC); Vice Chair, Orange County Boy Scout Council; and the USC Viterbi (School of Engineering) Board of Councilors. Mr. Adams  received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from USC (1981)  and a Masters in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton (1985).